#WorldPoetryDay 2016

Modern Insomnia triptych

2016 SP

What is the Enlightenment? (Fear!)
Insomnia of Summer
Mosty ]Trail of Weak]

Soap-y orange spectacular Bees-day

Propelled moleskine actual Bends-day

Fruit jangle orthograph gar-fishing

Candy mansion Gorean warped scum

Doorway cyclops pearl permanganate

Goblin chieftan starburst dress silicate

Stroller bunny-of-dust karst metal ambrosia

Loveless scintillation mystery grape bazooka

Pirated telegram dunk cowhide jubilation

Vomitive praise gingham proved doctrine

Meek substance pallbearer combat flicker

Prawn journey heart-ache skylight justice

Aged daylight successive absinthium song

Fall elevation brother care necktie fever

Malthusian astonished gray jerrymander coat

Skater’s bowl snooze homestead piccolo

Daisy watch mound barron twilight

Uttering catharsis reduce xylem boyhood

Revenance chalice bald cheer hospice

Blue thread monk Caspian leather

Oil mother towel incentivize bruise

Amber bodice dyed mothball showbiz

Monocle brandy candleabra sprint!


Tufts of laughter

Folded tears atop a woodshed

Marigold den snackbar

Cave poncho swim dreamer

Glorious heart duration

Warped decay word-book

Feeble lozenge fried sun

Lofty drawbridge motive silence

Tort peninsular vacuum sigma

Arrest forsaken beckon mirth

Baking glass marble cartilage

Crushed owner thought pride

Wash rabid tool shopkeeper

Hissed purple gun oil

Trite modern carrying nucleus

Hopeless emeritus scarfing

Celibate orange trust hatchling

Vaguery open moth paintbrush

Smoldered boozy overcoat sprinkle

Hyper dominant winged mynxian**

Snoring hatred envelope orifice

Attitude mirror forest surprise

Cycle opposition press stampede

Gel illuminate vital feather

Bolted windfall marry foramen

Crux mineral bunker whiteness

Parasol bike baste lemming

Gouge synergy prop bedpan

Message laurel tar eccentric

Blame gasm* penny demi-god

Resume still-life morning fiction

Dug tumored napkin-ring

Mar summer note-fire

Crave ochre scent-sound

Helicopter refund truffle obscenity

Busy worcestershire hotpant spyglass

Panic disturbance pizzeria sublimation

Demolition escargot victory accuser

Limousine akimbo chocolate clawmarks

Emotional broomstick ethanol rugpiece

Parabolic asymptote seagull onyx

Ballcap blooper vambrace slingshot

Baldspot emperor jingoism refactor

Membrane pipsqueak zealous bakery

Charter oaken rapture synesthesia

Lexicon felon erasure scar passion

Oval supine clerical gerund taproot

Capsule reach eyelash daze ostrich

Housing boorish itch option weather-vane

Graphite wailing pretense wilderness specter

Tuning apiary crackle humanist drumstick

Black mockingbird moronic bathing feeder

Sauce telescope union phase maraca lift

Stepmother onion parity blubber diode

Drool pond massacre overbite wayward

Benthic yodel covenance stalwart breath

Trail of weak pompous scallion

Bored the original precipice watermarked