At the first instant of Existence (t=0), The Spark formed the Cenancestor.  This being grew and replicated, becoming more and more like the Maker each moment.  The Cell became many units, and succeeded in the cruel world that was then untouched by the Atomís hand.

Though it had been eons, the Creator had only recognized a blink.  Creationís marvelous Code had progressed to the point of independency.  It no longer needed the Thought of Everything.

Thus, the man became a Builder and became a Leader and became a Lover and became a Destroyer.  Most notably, this sapiens understood formula enough to realize they could not understand.

Where did the Cenatom originate?

A lifeís work could not unlock the System.  Humanity needed centuries to cumulatively learn.

Terra (Sol III) would revolve 1010 times before It was recognized....

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