Time travel became a Nazi Science in its infancy. Much like the trials of space races, animals of all kinds were fodder for progress. Dogs and apes, among the most common, were expendable in the name of technology. There was human casualty as well: The forefather of travel physics, Lewis Weatherton.

Doctor Weatherton had competition—enemies and friends. The monies that funded these physicists were extraordinary. Rivals vied for every grant they could grasp. One could purchase tons of an isotope, afford to destroy an entire facility or pay off any politician. The majority of scientists played dirty, while Weatherton had the nobility to refuse shortcuts.

The evil will of chronometology was enough to extinguish the best hope for preserving the past. Dr. Weatherton was tragically slain when a procedural lockdown left him in a compartment to be flooded with tritium.

But, continuum travel had no time for funerals that year. The breakthrough was enough to put an end to the assiduous calculations and wicked plagiarism. Science had shot the first human through the tear in time, and it was ready to let the public wealth roll in.

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